Lightweight designs for small gardens.

Es la magia de las pequeñas cosas lo que en nuestra mente podría transformar un susurro en sinfonía.

Creating is something magical for us

A gardening project, no matter how small, always allows us to add some detail – an element through which we can express something: an emotion, a feeling, a thought, or an idea that may initiate a process… It’s the magic of small things that can transform a whisper into a symphony.


Shades, shadows, and colors in a changing play of lights and intensities. On a small scale, our thoughts and ideas become reality.

Rhythm and form can create a sense of movement, giving life and energy to a work of art or a design.


The murmur of water as it appears and splashes over a stone can be refreshing and relaxing.

After trickling through the garden, serene and collected, the water accumulates in a small pond.

Hidenn water

Among the plants, a whisper emerges, formed by the drops of water and wind among the leaves.

This natural orchestra of whispering leaves and dripping water is a reminder of the beauty and harmony that exists in the natural world.

Relaxing place

The sound of a stream initiates a relaxing melody, capturing our attention and transporting us to a tranquil state of mind.

As the water flows, it creates a soothing sound that invites us to pause and appreciate the beauty of nature. Take a moment to breathe and let the sound of water wash over you.

These moments of peace and serenity provide us with a chance to connect with the natural world and find solace in its tranquil rhythms

© Garden designs carried out by Mompín-Fàbregas, landscape consultants (Xavier Fàbregas & Josep M Mompín)

Images by ©

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